Thursday, September 17, 2015

Youth In Action

      Youth In Action (YIA) is a Providence-based youth organization that focuses on "their capacity to lead, their natural ability to innovate, and their desire for positive change."   Youth In Action helps students become more of a teacher/educator, giving them leadership roles, versus being the student.  YIA helps students break the "child" role and helps them become more relied on. 

     The author says, "It’s critical for young people to be at the
center of change in every community."  I could not agree more with this quote.  As each generation ages out, who is left to care for the world?  The generation beneath us, the youth.  If we treat them like they're students up until their later college years, how are they ever going to learn to lead?   YIA gives them this opportunity at such a young age.  I think this is such an incredible experience. 

     Even today, I sometimes feel like I shouldn't be leading.  I am the current Assistant After School Program Coordinator at the Y and I am in charge of a large staff, but I am so accustomed to talking to someone hire then me, when its my youth counselors that are looking to me, because I am that higher figure.  I wish I could've been involved with Youth In Action during my secondary educational years.

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