Thursday, December 24, 2015

Feeling Invisible

     Growing up, in a "upper-middle" class family, the feeling of being invisible, never struck me.  I always had the latest fashion trends and kept up with myself pretty well.  I never experienced what Nayrrah had experienced, there was little to no diversity in my high school, everyone was pretty much white.  I never had the feeling of being alone or that I wasn't going to fit in, until my junior year of high school.  Junior year is the year I decided to stop hiding who I was and come out as gay.  For a while, I wish I hadn't, because during that time I did feel invisible, I did feel like the only one.  However, that is what made me different than everyone else.  Coming from a small town, it was good to be different and different I was.

     I am so glad that Youth In Action exists!  It gives those students who may feel out of place at school, a place to fit in.  I have never experienced any organization before that is strictly all about youth!  I wish I could have had the opportunity to participate in YIA when I was in high school, because I'm sure I could've benefited from such a great program!  

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