Thursday, December 24, 2015

What is Youth Work?

     Youth Work is an educational practice.  Youth workers are educators who build relationships with youth and keep those strong relationships in order to create the conditions  for learning.  You work is also a social practice.  Youth workers adopt  casework approaches.  They also are able to test their values and behaviors in this field.   Youth workers actively test their values, attitudes and behavior.  Youth workers actively challenge inequality and work for social justice.  This is important in youth work because you're always going to be working with children of all different backgrounds and you just have to recognize that and learn to help them individually.  Where possible  , young people choose to be involved. Young people always choose to be involved, unless its school because then they have no choice.  Youth work seeks to strengthen the voice and influence of young people.  Youth workers have always been people who enable the environment they work in.  Youth always feel empowered and like they can fully participate while a youth worker is present.  Youth work is a welfare practice.  Finally, youth work works with young people holistically.  Youth work may contribute to the reduction of anti social behavior in a community.        

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